May 19, 2015

7 Foods to Try at Riverfest

The state’s largest music festival kicks off Memorial Day weekend in downtown Little Rock.  With big acts such as Sheryl Crow, Kris Allen and Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, you know you’re covered on the music front. Three days of fun activities await. But what are you going to eat while you’re there?

After decades of Riverfest visiting and consuming, I can share with you this list of the 7 things you’re going to want to try. Keep this list handy… and stay hydrated, too.

Riverfest 2014 by Grav Weldon bacon on a stick

Bacon on a Stick. Because bacon. Actually, the folks at Bryant’s Barbecue thick slice a quarter pound of bacon for this goodie.

Turkey Leg. Because what says festival like eating a very large portion of tryptophan-laden dark meat that comes on its own stick?

Walking Taco. Skip the plate of nachos and have your tortilla chips covered in cheese, meat, lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream in the original chip bag. Saves a plate from going to the landfill and provides an easy to carry pouch for you to eat from. Fork optional.

Riverfest 2014 by Grav Weldon hot nuts

Hot Nuts.  There’s nothing like the scent of hot roasted pecans, cashews and such from Ozark Candy and Nuts… so go grab your nuts and enjoy them while you stroll Riverfront Park.

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Riverfest 2014 by Grav Weldon gyro

Gyros.  Little Rock’s Greek Community celebrates the week before Riverfest with so much good food… it’ll leave you craving more. Fortunately, there’s always a gyro to be found at Riverfest.

Riverfest 2014 by Grav Weldon crazy fries

Crazy Fries. Looks like a strange gigantic knot of potato string, tastes like fresh fried potato chips. Get yours covered with nacho sauce for extra decadence. You will want to share this one with friends.

Riverfest 2014 by Grav Weldon root beer float

Yarnell’s Ice Cream. What better way to cool off during the festival than with the official ice cream of Riverfest? Enjoy a cone or cup – or tackle a root beer float for extra refreshment.

Kat Robinson

Kat Robinson is a vetted food and travel journalist who's spent 24 years working in radio, television, print and the Internet.  She's a passionate foodways enthusiast with three books (Arkansas Pie: A Delicious Slice of the Natural State, Classic Eateries of the Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley, and Classic Eateries of the Arkansas Delta) to her name. You can read more on her blog