November 20, 2014

Four Outdoor Treasures in Hot Springs Village

Welcome to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas!

When I moved to the Village a few years ago, I never expected to find so many hidden treasures. From crystal digging in the nearby mines to enjoying the lakes and outdoor family friendly venues—visitors will be delighted by the jewels they discover in the Village.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway or maybe a place to retire? Consider Hot Springs Village, Arkansas—one of the great destinations in the South.

fall color display

  1. Enjoy the Scenery. Considering a scenic drive to enjoy the shades of autumn in Arkansas? Nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs Village offers 26,000 acres that all ages will enjoy in any of the four distinct seasons. The mountaintop overlooks of the Village offer spectacular views of the autumn hues of the many tree-covered valleys and the crystal, clear lakes. I’ve captured some breathtaking shots as an amateur photographer. Visitors travel from across the country to play golf at one of the nine, scenic 18-hole golf courses. Sightseers often come to catch a glimpse of the sights and scenes of the changing seasons.


bike riding trails in Hot Springs Village

  1. Explore the Trails. Want to revisit nature and experience unspoiled forests and streams? Join the hikers, bikers, and other explorers who enjoy the wildflowers and plants along the 30 miles of nature trails in Hot Springs Village. I’ve trekked most of the walking trails in the Village, and I often invite my friends and family members to join me. My grandchildren enjoy riding their bikes down the wooded trails when a crisp cool autumn breeze blows our way.


Beautiful Hot Springs Village

  1. Escape to the Lakes. You don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy the 11 beautiful lakes of the Village. Pack a picnic lunch and relax by one of the gorgeous lakes beaches until sunset. Or grab a couple of fishing poles and join your grandkids at the lake to fish or catch minnows. Take your lawn chair to the beach and enjoy a good book while surrounded by the peaceful scenery.


Wildlife in Hot Springs Vilage

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  1. Experience the Wildlife. The residents and guests of Hot Springs Village love and respect the wild animals and birds of our natural state. Want to know what a fox really sounds like when he barks? I’ve seen foxes prowl for their prey. Squirrels play tag in the trees, chipmunks scamper for nuts, and wild turkeys scurry along the roadsides. I’ve learned to identify the birds that visit us daily, like the blue herons sunning on the lakeshore. I’ve even observed a doe nursing her fawn, and a white-tailed buck rubbing his antlers on the trunk of a tree—right in my own backyard.


Family time in Hot Springs Village

Why do I enjoy living in Hot Springs Village and invite others to visit us there? I love to share the things that matter most to me with my friends and family.

I hope you’ll explore the Village soon and experience a few treasured moments yourself. Make Hot Springs Village, Arkansas,  your choice as a place to make memories and embrace the peace of a community designed just for you.


Karen Jordan

Arkansas Women Blogger member Karen Jordan resides in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, with her husband Dan, and their two children and seven grandchildren live in Arkansas and Texas. A blogger since 2008 at, Karen loves to encourage others to tell the stories that matter most as an author, speaker, and writing instructor. She also blogs regularly for the The StoryWriting Studio (cofounder), the WordServe Water Cooler, and A Common Bond, the Arkansas ministers’ wives blog. Her column “GraceTalk” can be found at and the Arkansas Baptist News. She also has written for numerous online and printed publications, including several book compilations.