November 10, 2016

Saluting Our Veterans: Chasa Crockett

In honor of Veteran’s Day, First Security Bank is hosting a series on our veteran employees. We appreciate Teller Manager Chasa Crockett for her service and sacrifice for our country. And for exhibiting Bank Better service for our customers every day!

Chasa Crockett

Chasa Crockett

Teller Manager, Springdale

Dates of Military Service: 1992 – 2005

E-5 Sergeant, United States Army

Chasa Crockett served 12 years in the U.S. Army Military Police Corp to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. She said, “my grandfather retired from the U.S. Navy in 1975.   I grew up listening to my grandfather’s stories of his service years. Seventeen years later I understood the emotions in my grandfather’s voice as he talked of wars he survived and the memoirs of his fallen brothers. I did not know just how big the shoes would be that I had to fill so I kept my head down and pushed on.”

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Chasa Crockett

“I served in the Bosnian War, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Persian Gulf War. The loss of my fellow soldiers was much like my grandfather’s only in a different era. I earned my Army Service Ribbon along with the National Defense Service Medal. Weapon Medals include sharpshooter for M16 Rifle and M9MM. Marksman Medals include Mark -19 and AT4. I was a member of Military Police Special Operations Reaction Team (S.O.R.T).”

Chasa Crockett

Chasa has three children, twin daughters and a son, and one grandchild. She enjoys swimming, working out and spending time with her children. She added, “I’m blessed to work with such a great family at First Security Bank.”

Kristi Thurmon

Kristi was born and raised in the Natural State and has lived most of her life in Searcy. She enjoys traveling with her husband and son. She loves reading and learning about a wide variety of topics, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and watching her son play football. Otherwise, she is managing and social media at First Security Bank.