October 25, 2016

Try Them All: Fayetteville Bakeries

Do you ever plot out where you will eat before you go on a trip? I certainly do, and usually that includes finding the best bakery (or bakeries if I’m really lucky) at my travel destination. Fayetteville, Arkansas, did not disappoint. In fact, there are so many wonderful bakeries in Fayetteville that I couldn’t get to all of them on my recent trip up there.

Here is a not-even-close-to-being-inclusive list of the baked deliciousness to be found in Fayetteville:


Stone Mill Bread

At 2600 North Gregg Avenue, Stone Mill Bread started in 1997 and focuses on healthy, tasty bread and baked goods. They feature all kinds of bread from banana nut to cranberry pecan to jalapeno cornmeal. I skipped the healthy part and ordered the buttercream cinnamon roll.


Rick’s Bakery

Rick’s Bakery, at 1220 North College, has been around since 1980 and probably has the largest selection of any of the bakeries in the area including donuts, pastries, cakes, cookies, muffins, bagels and more. I had the delicious sausage roll.


Little Bread Company

Little Bread Company, at 116 North Block Avenue, is a cozy little coffee shop with a nice variety of baked goodies. I ordered a café latte and an almond croissant.


Bouchee Bistro

Bouchee Bistro, at 1 East Center Street, is like stepping into a little Paris patisserie. Their food is not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful. You should seriously follow them on Instagram. I ordered the prosciutto and asparagus puff pastry.

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Golden Kolache Bakery

At 3327 West Wedington Drive, Golden Kolache Bakery is small, but one of my favorites. I ate the Eggniter which is a baked egg nested into an open faced kolache with American cheese and bacon. Incredible! I also ordered a pecan pie pastry to take home to my husband.


Alchemy Macarons

Alchemy Macarons at 112 West Center Street is a dessert boutique specializing in French macarons and brewed-to-order fine teas. I had a pistachio macaron and the London Fog iced tea for a late afternoon snack.


Bliss Cupcake Café

Bliss Cupcake Cafe, at 14 South Block Ave (multiple locations), has been open since 2009 and uses over 50 time-tested recipes. I photographed (but could not eat another thing) these three beautiful cupcakes. They also feature gluten-free items.


Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters

Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters at 200 W Center (multiple locations) is a family-owned business that specializes in coffee. However, they feature fancy toast using locally-baked bread from Apple Blossom Brewing Company, also in Fayetteville. I didn’t know “fancy toast” is a thing, but apparently it is, and it is incredible. I had the OMG Ashley which is Nutella, caramelized bananas and coarse salt on sourdough. My friend ordered the Penultimate Toast which is white bean tahini spread, tabbouleh, cucumbers, feta, walnuts and sumac on multi-grain bread.

Stacey Valley

Arkansas Women Blogger member Stacey Valley is a wife, mom of four girls (two by marriage and two by adoption), and public health professional. She adores her interracial, real-life modern family, and is thankful that her husband Anthony loves her kind of crazy. Cooking is her therapy. She dreams of moving to Italy one day, so you can often find her binging on House Hunters International. Stacey’s life motto is "Live big. Love deep." which is also the name of her blog.

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