July 14, 2014

Hogshead Tours Ready to Set Sail

Have you ever wanted to explore the Fayetteville Ale Trail, but nobody in your crew was willing to be the designated driver? Are you looking for a fun activity that shows off the best of Northwest Arkansas to your out-of-town guests?

Only In Arkansas - Fayetteville Hogshead Tours - Van

Thanks to Fayetteville residents Dustin and Lora Murphy, you will soon have a new option for getting to your favorite breweries. Their business, Hogshead Tours, will start loading passengers on July 26 for quick excursions into the local beer scene.

The University of Arkansas graduates got the idea for the business after traveling the world and experiencing local cultures through guided tours. “We love traveling,” said Lora Murphy.

“And anytime we travel, the first thing we do is look up tours in the area – generally beer or wine-related. That’s always the highlight of our travel experience.”

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Only In Arkansas - Fayetteville Hogshead Tours - On TourKort Castleberry, assistant brewer at Fossil Cove Brewing Co., leads a tour of the brewery during a recent Hogshead test tour and photoshoot.

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