September 16, 2016

UA students’ parody video inspired by TCU game

Remember last year after the Hogs defeated Ole Miss in one of the wildest finishes in recent history, and some UA students made a parody Buffalo Wild Wings commercial inspired by the improbable win?

Well, those students are back again, this time with a video featuring the Hogs’ comeback victory over TCU last weekend.

The video, created by members of the Arkansas Cru student group, is a play on the Buffalo Wild Wings ad campaign from a few years ago depicting fans hanging out at the restaurant who aren’t quite ready to go home near the end of a game. In the commercials, the BWW bartenders uncover a secret control panel behind the bar with the power to send the game to overtime at the press of a button.

You’ve probably seen the ads. In one, the button signals a janitor at the stadium, who manipulates the sprinkler system to trip a player on the field and prevent a touchdown. There are a few others.

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The local ad splices footage from the original BWW commercial with the Hogs/TCU game tape, along with some new scenes the students filmed themselves. They also used Chuck Barrett’s call of the game for the audio.

And even though the concept is virtually the same as the last video they created, it’s still pretty dang entertaining. Nice work, guys and gals.

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