December 13, 2016

Celebrate Christmas on the Bentonville Square

As a family, we have always loved everything there is to love about Christmas. From iconic holiday light displays to decorating our own Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music, we just can’t get enough. One of our yearly traditions is taking a short ride over to the Bentonville Square to see the spectacular light display and visit Walton’s 5&10. It’s a magical time… Christmas.

Spectacular Light Display on the Bentonville Square

As we drove around the Square looking for that ever-elusive parking space, we felt a tingle of anticipation. When we first drove up on the Square, a collective gasp could be heard throughout the entire car. It really is a sight to behold.

We parked beside the courthouse, bundled up the baby in the stroller, and walked a short walk.

Just standing across from the actual Square isn’t enough. Just driving around the Square isn’t enough either. The true experience is about getting out and walking around and through all of the amazingly beautiful lights.

We crossed the street and walked right into the middle of a magical display. Trees covered in a medley of lights, grassy areas covered in green lights, a musical light display covering both a statue and fountain in the middle of everything… And, of course, as we walked up, the tune from A Charlie Brown Christmas played. How fitting since it’s one of our favorite Christmas shows. Everywhere we looked were gorgeous lights lighting up this December night.

We weren’t alone, though we certainly felt like we could have been as quiet as it was. Other visitors all around us took it all in. A couple sat on a bench, surrounded by lights, taking a selfie. Children gazed around in awe, laughing excitedly. We walked, looking up and all around, drinking it all in.

Step Into the Past

When we’d made it to the other side of that gorgeous Square, we were met with the Walton’s 5&10 storefront display right across the street.

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Outside sits a sleigh for family photo ops. The windows are full of holiday decorations, including a Christmas village with snowmen everywhere. (Insert Christmas Village Display in Walton’s 5-10 Window)

We opened the door and instantly stepped into the past, with shelves stocked full of retro toys, candies, cookbooks, and more. This is the best place in town to get stocking stuffers and birthday gifts.

Jaden couldn’t keep his hands off all the toys, conveniently displayed so they’re available for play.

I remember the Etch A Sketch being one of my favorite toys as a kid too.

We walked around inside the store, ooo-ing and ahh-ing over all the cool things. I think we may have added a few things to our Christmas lists as we explored.

We walked through The Walmart Museum, remembering our visit there last Christmas. Sadly, they didn’t have the Christmas village set up this year.

However, no visit to the Square is complete without a visit to The Spark Café Soda Fountain to end our trip to see the lights on the Bentonville Square.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Mel Lockcuff

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