August 11, 2015

Ace and Otey – An Interview with the Arkansas Travelers Mascots


Ace and Otey are deep into their second season as mascots of the Arkansas Travelers minor league baseball team. I recently had a chance to chat with both of them and ask them some very important questions about themselves and their jobs as the Travelers mascots.

ace dugout

Meet Ace. He’s a 7’2” horse whose favorite color is Traveler’s Red. He grew up playing baseball and loves his job as one of the Travelers’ mascots.

Q: Who is your favorite player to interact with?
Ace: I would have to say Brian Hernandez; he always keeps sugar cubes in his pocket.

Q: What made you want to be the Travelers mascot?
Ace: I grew up watching the Travs and always wanted to play, but no one makes cleats in my size.

Q: What size is your hoof?
Ace: 36

Q: What’s your favorite snack at the ballpark?
Ace: A fudge Puppy

Q: Do you get nervous before a game?
Ace: I get excited when I walk out onto the concourse and see thousands of smiling faces.

Q: What’s something about Otey that fans would be surprised to know?
Ace: Otey has 50 teeth and has a very keen sense of smell.

Q: Who’s better at baseball you or Otey?
Ace: There is no “I” in team, combined we are the best double play tandem in the Texas League.

Q: How many baseballs do you think it would take to fill a school bus?
Ace: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A gaggle?

Q: Did you have the chance to meet Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh when he was in Hot Springs for the Arkansas Derby?
Ace: I still have the salt lick we shared.


Meet Otey. Otey is a 5 foot tall swap possum from southeastern Arkansas. He has been a fan of the Travelers his whole life and fondly remembers watching their games and eating popcorn from under the bleachers of Ray Winder Field when he was kid.

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Q: Who is your favorite player to interact with?
Otey: I would have to say Blake Gailen; he gave me a burger and milkshake when he first got here!

Q: What made you want to be the Travelers mascot?
Otey: I grew up watching Travs games with my family from underneath the stands at Little Rock’s Ray Winder Field. Plus, unlimited free food, plenty of places to sleep, I have the place to myself at night… oh, and the baseball. What’s not to love?

Q: What makes you the Travelers “good luck charm”?
Otey: My soft furry belly.

Q: How did you get your name?
Otey: I was named after former Traveler infielder and groundskeeper R.C. Otey and R.C. Otey was my hero growing up.

Q: How did you feel the first time you took the field as the Travelers mascot?
Otey: You know that feeling when you stub your toe… yea the opposite of that.

Q: What’s something you know about Ace that fans would be surprised to know?
Otey: Ace sleeps standing up!

Q: If a movie was made about you, who would play the role of you in the film?
Otay:  I would play myself of course! There is only one Me!

Q:  You grew up in the swamps of Southeast Arkansas. Did you ever see Bigfoot?
Otey: Yes, we have met! Here is a photo of us!

bigfoot and otey together

Photo provided by Otey’s mom.

Ace and Otey make appearances at many of the Travelers home games. They are there to get the crowd pumped and are often available for photo ops!  Check out the Travelers schedule and plan a trip to Dickey Stephens Park today!

Photos courtesy of Arkansas Travelers.

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