May 25, 2017

A Heckuva Wastelanders Day at Dogpatch USA

The mention of Dogpatch USA sparks memories for many an Arkansan. The amusement park brought Al Capp’s hillbilly characters from the funny papers to real life.

Closing in 1993, the park sat mostly untouched for 21 years. The current owner now opens the gates occasionally for special events. Last weekend was one such event.

A role playing group of ‘Wastelanders’ inhabited the park using it as “a crossroads where people could meet up along on the wasteland caravan routes that now connect the territories of the old USA.” Imagine Mad Max in real life, an experience in the post-apocalyptic Ozarks. It was a venture that was perfectly suited for the place. I had a ‘heckuva day’!

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James is Arkansas's youtuber and has been THE Volkswagen Bus guy on YouTube since 2010. When he's not taking you on a family road trip, James shows you behind the scenes of people building their dream lives, including his own. From his viral success making rainbow cupcakes, putting the finishing touches on the family's relocated 1936 Craftsman farmhouse and visiting Yellowstone, Route 66 or the other side of their mountain in the Ozarks, the experience is always diverse and fun.

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