August 4, 2016

Ozark Folk Center State Park

There’s no easy way to get to Mountain View, Arkansas. But when you do, the people take you in and are ready to share with you a little slice of heaven. From pickin’ and chatting on the Square to the welcoming smiles from potters John and Judi at the Folk Center, the residents draw you in and make you feel part of their Ozark family.

The Ozark Folk Center State Park is an Arkansas living history state park located in Mountain View. It is dedicated to preserving and presenting Ozark cultural heritage and tradition to the public. The pioneer crafts, herb lore, and traditional music of the Ozark Mountain people is collected, displayed, interpreted, then shared via workshops and seminars designed to impart a living history of a culture that spans a wide swath of America’s history and a five-state region: Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

A visit to the Ozark Folk Center will impart knowledge on pottery making or blacksmithing. Learn to jig dance or how to build and play a dulcimer. Learn how to recognize, cultivate, heal, and cook with traditional Ozark herbs from the knowledgeable and always entertaining Tina Marie Wilcox. Settle in to hear some traditional Ozark Mountain music performed by a living practitioner of the art.  Trust @TheParkWife, you will not want to leave Mountain View without hearing one of Mary Gillihan’s stories.

Our own James Busvlogger recently took his family for an Ozark Folk Center adventure. Watch and get inspired!

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